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Wireless Solution Case Studies

1. Point- To-Point (PTP) / Point-To-Multipoint (PTMP) on 5.8GHz Band

Teletronics Bridges -- TT5800 with autheros card (250mw Amplifer )

Teletronics Antenna-- 29dBi Grid Antenna

Teletronics Antenna -- 29Dbi Dish Antenna

Coverage Distance – Several kilometers e.g Nitel office Marina to Cele B/stop mile 2 Lagos on point-to-point; Surulere to Agege Lagos on point-to -multipoint.

2. Point-To-Point (PTP) on 2.4 GHz Band

Teletronics Bridges --- TT2400 with autheros card ( 250mw Amplifier)

Andrew Antennas --- 24dBi Grid Antenna

--- 18dBi Flat Panel Antenna

Coverage --- Several Kilometers depending on choice antenna.

3. Point-To-Multipoint (PTMP) on 2.4 GHz Band

Teletronics AP --Versa Router/CPE (with 1 Watt Amplifier)

Hyperlink Antenna—15 bBi Omni Antenna

Coverage --- Several kilometers depending on the choice antenna.

In conclusion ,the strategic intent of our company is to provide our high profile clients with solutions that reduce cost ,increase revenue and manage risks. We sincerely hope that your company will harness our best breed technology service for the provision of appropriate solutions for business development.